Baby Christmas Fancy Dress

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Baby Christmas fancy dress costumes are an absolutely adorable type of baby fancy dress. No-one can resist a gorgeous little one all dressed up for Christmas, and babies and toddlers love all the attention that they will receive from adoring relatives. As baby Christmas fancy dress outfits become more and more popular, the range available gets larger and larger, so to help you decide which to choose for you special little Christmas bundle, below we take a look at our Top 3 Toddler Christmas Costumes this year.

Suggestion One: Baby Santa Costume

Baby Santa Fancy Dress OutfitThis baby santa costume would work just as well for a boy or a girl. It is warm and comfy as well as super cute.

The baby Christmas fancy dress costume is not only gorgeous but also very practical as the black booties are attached to the trousers to keep those toes nice and cosy and the mock belt and white hood trim are attached to the red jacket so there are no bits that can come off.

They may be too young to know what Christmas is all about but they will certainly look the part and with this perfect fancy dress outfit they are guaranteed to attract lots of attention from adoring adults.

Please note that this superb outfit is available in ages 6 to 12 months.

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Baby Girl Santa CostumeIf you have a gorgeous baby girl and want her to look prettier in her Santa outfit, then this baby girl santa dress is a perfect alternative to the traditional baby Santa suit.

This super cute baby Christmas fancy dress outfit is based around a red dress that has long sleeves, which will keep your little one nice and warm, and a white fur trim.

The baby girl Santa costume also comes with a pretty little matching hat with a fur trim and red bows.

Please note this outfit is available in size 6 to 12 months – she’ll be the cutest Miss Santa around!

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Suggestion Two: Baby Snowman Costume

This adorable snowman sleepsuit is practical as well as cute and is a must have for the festive season.

Baby Snowman Fancy Dress Costume

The baby snowman fancy dress costume is based around a white all-in-one with red striped detailing along the button line and cuffs.

The baby snowman outfit also comes with a pretend scarf and has big black buttons like all good snowmen should.

The baby Christmas fancy dress outfits also include a very sweet little snowman face hat, which will make sure you little one stays nice and warm. You could put them to bed on Christmas Eve in this smashing little outfit and they will be sure to wake up in the Christmas Spirit.

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Please note that the outfit comes in sizes newborn to 12 months and you can also buy little snowman booties to match.

Toddler Snowman OutfitThis Child Snowman Costume is for a slightly older child and includes an adorable all-in-one white jumpsuit, which is decorated with yellow stars and large black buttons.

These toddler Christmas costumes also come with a black, red and green striped scarf, as well as a black hat with holly and ivy on the front.

Your little one will look like the perfect little snowman on the outside, whilst keeping warm and toastie on the inside.

Please note that the outfit is suitable for both boys and girls and come in sizes toddler (1 to 2 years), Small (3 to 5 years) and medium (5 to 7 years).

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Suggestion Three: Baby Reindeer Costume

Baby Reindeer Fancy Dress OutfitThis cuddley brown baby reindeer costume, will make your little one absolutely irresistible this Christmas.

The baby reindeer fancy dress costume not only looks great, but is also very practical and they will have no problem at all curling up and dropping off to sleep in it.

These baby reindeer outfits are based around a brown all-in-one sleepsuit with a white tummy and also comes with a lovely little reindeer hat, complete with ears and antlers.

Please note that this outfit comes in sizes newborn to 12 months.

Toddler Reindeer OutfitsYour toddler one will have hours of fun pretending to be Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen, Dasher, Dancer or Prancer in this fun costume.

The super cute and cuddly toddler reindeer outfit is based around a plush brown all-in-one bodysuit.

The bodysuit has a hood attached with a cute little reindeer face and antlers.

Please note that this reindeer costume is suitable for a boy or a girl aged 3 to 5 years.

Click on the above image for a closer look at the toddler reindeer costume

If none of the above baby Christmas fancy dress outfits are quite what you are looking for, then make sure that you check out the Baby Christmas Fancy Dress section of the website.